Trouble in paradise: Jub Jub's father and mother, Mama Jackie fight as divorce gets nasty

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South African media character Jub's folks Jacqueline "Mother Jackie" Maarohanye and Sydney Maarohanye who separated from 2016, following 36 years of marriage are allegedly bickering furiously over the division of their joint home and spousal upkeep.

As per a Sunday World article, the rapper Jub's dad Sydney Maarohanye documented papers in the Pretoria High Court, where he looks for a request to survey and save the request for Pretoria Regional Court justice PW Engelbrecht, which saw him relinquish a part of his Joburg home to his previous spouse Jacqueline "Mother Jackie" Maarohanye.

The distribution likewise reports that the request educates his dad to pay his mom R6 500 spousal upkeep a month and half of his benefits reserves.

The judge likewise requested Jub's dad to relinquish a portion of their marital home in Naturena, south of Johannesburg, and to pay the spousal upkeep for quite some time.

As per the papers seen by Sunday World:

"There have been grave anomalies happening in the primary procedure. The request for the court, explicitly how the division of the mutual property was coordinated, was horribly unpredictable. There has been a confirmation of unacceptable or inept proof."

It is asserted that Mama Jackie created no articulation or convincing proof to help her case for spousal upkeep.

Mr Maarohanye adds that the appointed authority didn't make a difference her brain appropriately prior to coming to the end results, as she just acknowledged dubious records as proof of Mama Jackie's month to month everyday costs.

He adds that he couldn't claim before in light of the fact that he became sick with a crippling illness.

His dad says he was shocked as of late when he got a letter expressing that he was financially past due for defaulting on his spousal support, and the case was to be heard on April 12 which was subsequently delayed to a date still to be set.


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