Reasons why a Cheating Man is Not Man Enough


It's not fair when guys go around bragging about the number of women they have had.Most men cheat on their ladies and this shows so many negative things.

1.a cheating man does not have self control

Can't control himself from temptation of being with another woman.A real woman should not cheat on his lady , he should always stand by her side.

2.a cheating man is irresponsible

For a lady to marry a man it means she has trusted him with her heart , feelings and emotions. The man had promised her not to let her down and he does the opposite.

3.a cheating man is greedy

This shows not being content when a man decides to leave ,the lady in his life and be with another woman.

4. a cheating man is uncaring

He doesn't care about the feelings and emotions of his lady .of you care about someone you won't want to hurt them.Cheating is an awkward act which shows that the feelings of a woman who cares for you is being taken for granted.

5.a cheating man is immature

A mature minded man sees beyond the physical attraction of other women and focuses on the beauty of his woman.when a woman cheats on his lady it shows that he doesn't deserve her no matter his age.He really shows he is not ready to settle down.

6.a cheating man is a failure

He has failed in keeping his promises to his lady to be faithful and true.He has misused the trust he has in her .This act brings nothing but hurt and heartbreak.