6 Stretch Exercises To Relieve Lower Pain Back


Whether you are living a chronic pain or just want to stretch and strengthen YoUr back, here are some favorite yoga poses you should try. While yoga isn’t a good ideas to try with when having or experiencing chronic back pain, those with soreness and chronic aches may greatly benefit from great postures that can actually assist in strengthening and lengthening YoUr spine, strengthen and stretch YoUr muscles, and return YoUr back muscles into a proper posture or alignment. 

Mostly, yoga tries to balance and encourages the steadiness in your body to develop defences against muscle pains especially the back muscles. 

Yoga exercises are safe to do daily. But it is also advisable to never stretch into a position of pain.

If your lower back pain is more prone to general aches or discomfort, it’s advised to try some new stretches in order to curb or address any tightness and alignment issues. 

Here are the stretches that are recommended 

1. Lunge with spinal twist

2. Knee to chest stretch

3. Figure four stretch

4. Piriformis stretch


5. Sphinx stretch 

6. Twisted reclined pigeon 

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