McBrown stormes the Church of Pentecost in Dubai, checkout what happened.


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Ghanaian actress, Nana Ama McBrown, has shown her versatility with a video of her leading praises and worship in church.

McBrown had stormed the Church of Pentecost in Dubai, where she is currently vacationing with her husband, Maxwell Mensah.

In a recently released video that has been trending, shows that the actress does not joke with her spiritual life as she decided to join the church on Sunday, even in a faraway land.

As if full of anointing, McBrown grabbed the microphone and started speaking blessings into the life of the members.

Then she started ministering some praises and worship songs in the Akan language that got even those on the platform joining her to sing.

The video has touched the hearts of some social media users. Look and blush, for instance, was touched by the ministration and thanked McBrown: look_n_blush: “This song.... @iamamamcbrown thank you.”

Other fans used emojis to describe how they feel about McBrown’s performance.

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