Wajir DP Governor Sworn In As Wajir New Governor


Deputy Governor Ahmed Ali Muktar sworn in as the Governor of Wajir County on Tuesday, May 18 following the Senate's move to uphold the impeachment of Mohamed Abdi Mohamud's Guests gathered at the Wajir County headquarters to witness the swearing in of Wajir Deputy Governor Ahmed Ali Muktar. Mr Muktar will replace Mohamed Abdi Mohamud, who was impeached over abuse of office.

The new governor also pledged to uphold the unity of Wajir people and help resolve the health crisis in the county. Healthcare workers have been on strike for the last one week.

“I will meet the health workers today with a view of addressing their issues. I will desist from nepotism and skewed allocation of resources which erodes people’s confidence,” he said.

25 Senators voted to uphold the impeachment charges after forming an eleven-member committee to look into the case made against the Governor.

The team was led by Nyamira Senator Okong’o Omogeni with the final verdict delivered by the Senate.Two Senators voted to save the governor while four abstained.

Senate Committee recommends impeachment of Wajir Governor Mohammed Abdi; 11- member panel found him guilty of grossly violating the Constitution, County Government, Public Procurement and Asset Disposal and Public Finance Management acts.   

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