About Embarambamba The Gospel Artist From Gusii Land


Embarambamba name has been on social media since last Thursday after producing the song live performance in forest na ng'ombe.

Embarambamba real name is Christopher Mosioma. The Gusii man latest song has weird moves, he's jumping on trees making them fall and also riding on a cow. This has led to many Kenyans saying he might be possessed by evil spirits or he's mentally unstable. They call for quick mental checkup to clarify whether he's mentally I'll or not.

Other Kenyans are on the take that Embarambamba is supposed to be petitioned since he's promoting animal abuse and witchcraft in social media.

Embarambamba has supported his behavior claiming that he produce songs with the inspiration of the Holy spirit. He continues to say that he is mentally stable.

Other songs produced by Embarambamba include Inyigwete Natorekire, Naikire Ime. His songs are characterized by weird moves like jumping anywhere, rolling in muddy water e.t.c.

Source: Tukonews

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