Yesterday| 03-May-2021 Covid-19 New Cases leave South Africans with questions.



South Africans are concerned about the statistics that the Health Department keeps on revealing.Apparently,the number of Covid-19 New Cases keeps on getting high and low and that's what leaves South Africans with questions.Others believe the Health Department just guess the number as it is always unpreditable.Few days ago,the country recorded more than 1000 Covid-19 New Cases.

Yesterday the country records less than 1000.

People are concerned that the statistics are made up.It is may and people were told about third wave from the stary of this month yet the country records less than 1000 cases.South Africans believe that the Health Department is trying to hide the actual statistics so people cannot have the fear and to stay calm.Now that there's this B.1.167 variant that might have reached in the country.

South Africans are worried about their safety and how the government is handling the situation.

Are the statistics actual recorded or the health department just guess? People ask why is the country recovery rate stuck at 95% for four months?

People are concerned about this statistics!

What are your thoughts??? What have you noticed about this New Cases?

Share your thoughts below!!!


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