Meet The Person Who Told JubJub That Kelly Is Using Muthi On Him

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Kelly Khumalo and JubJub dated for quite some time. The two of them did not have a healthy relationship, and they both haven't said anything good about each other.

Kelly Khumalo has dated a number of men, and it has never worked out. There is always something that she says after her breakups.

He says his mother is the one who told him that Kelly Khumalo was using muti on him. He says when he connected the dots, it really made sense. He says it made sense because his actions were not adding up.

He says It would become difficult for him to even go home when he was dating Kelly. He says he would have never chosen Kelly over Amanda, whom he was dating at the time. Kelly has not yet responded to claims that JubJub made about her using muti on him. It could have been love, and not muti.

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