NPP can never break the 8 - Afia Pokua opines.

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Afia Pokua is one of the leading female journalists in this country. She has been in the profession for so many years. Due to her diligence and hardwork, she has been rewarded with so many awards throughout her career. She is someone whose views are respected so much by every Ghanaian. She always speaks truth to power. She doesn't shy away from saying matters as they are. That is why when she speaks, a lot of Ghanaians listen. She has worked with various media organisations. She is currently the host of Critical Issues on UTV.

Vim Lady as she is affectionately called has said that judging from the way things are going in the country, it will be very difficult for the ruling government to spend more than 8 years in power. She said from all indications and what she has available to her they can't break the 8. No political party in Ghana has ever stayed in power beyond 8 years in our democratic dispensation. The current government is saying they are aiming to make history by winning the next general elections.

She bemoaned the rate at which poor management of our country is destroying us. She said it is not how much revenue government mobilises but it is about how they prudently manage the little they have collected. They can't continue to take more taxes without managing it properly.

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