Babu Owino trolls Deputy President William Ruto following Jacaranda youth chants

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Babu Owino trolls Deputy president William Ruto following Jacaranda youth chunts.

Today, deputy president William Ruto's rally witnessed some drama when a group of youths who supports the Embakasi East member of Parliament Babu Owino clashed with those support Deputy president William Ruto. The disagreement started when a group of youths started chanting," Tunataka Babu,". This led to the delay of deputy president William Ruto rally.

However,the vocal member of Parliament, Babu Owino has loughed off the deputy president brigade for being unable to mobilize people.

"The whole Tangatanga team can not mobilize People.Current situation at Jacaranda ground in Embakasi East plus those ferried from other areas. Embakasi East imezama kwa Azimio.” Wrote Babu Owino.

However,without providing evidence, Ruto accused Raila of organizing chaos at the jacaranda stadium and threatened him with dire consequences.

He further said that, he can’t buy fear from the youths who were determined to stop the political rally.

The second in command also promised to eradicate poverty amongst the bodaboda youths and mama mboga.

He also promised to create millions of jobs for the unemployed youths should he take power. Consequently, he rubbished the 6,000 economic stimulus package and termed it as a mere politics of handouts.

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