Shame As Househelp Is Caught Engaging Her Boss' Son In A Sinful Act

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A woman was caught red handed committing a horrible act with the child of her boss in Kiembeni, Mombasa County, and the residents of the town are still struggling to come to terms with the occurrence.

Edward Wakesho, a 21-year-old lady from Mombasa, has been working as a housemaid for the past three months, according to her employer. According to the police reports, she has been indulging in sexu*l activities with her boss's child, who is four years old, in order to quench her desire, while simultaneously recording the episodes on her phone and then selling them for money.

The victim's mother claims she received a video of her son participating in a lewd act with the suspect from a new phone number and decided to stage an ambush to find out if what she had seen was real or not.

On the day of the event, she left her son in the care of Eda and went to work like she had done in the past. When she got home unexpectedly, she saw the house girl interacting with her son in por*ographic material.

She quickly called her neighbors, who promptly alerted the authorities, who were able to apprehend and apprehend the perpetrator. She is presently being incarcerated at the Shimo La Tewa Women's Prison, where she is awaiting trial after pleading guilty to the allegations brought against her in court earlier this year.


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