Photos Of Flavour Kissing Tiwage Savage, Chidinma, Anna Banner, And Other Celebrities


A good on-screen kiss can bring new meaning to a music video or Sometimes can make people to start talking about the music video shoot for months. Sometimes some of these kisses we see on our TV screen was just purposely had in order to make the music video to trend more and also bring about creativity.

This saying described the life of Flavour, a popular Nigeria musician who is Popularly known for always kissing most of the ladies he featured in his song during their video shoot.

Flavour is one of the Nigerian musician that is Popularly known for being in good times with his fellow female musicians. Flavour is the ladies' man who is known for always having good time with any of the female celebrites he featured in his song.

His great connection and how he kissed different ladies on his music video shoot has made some of his fans to start seeing him as someone that like having affairs with women. Flavour has to deny that, as he always tell his fans that the reaction he normally got with them was only focused on music and it has nothing to do with his real life

In today's article, I bring to you some photos of Flavour kissing Tiwage Savage, Chidinma, and other celebrites;

Flavour with Chidinma

Flavour with Tiwage savage

Flavour with Dillish Mattew

Flavour with Anna Banner

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