Becoming Strong Again: Joy As More Teachers Join KNUT After Mass Exit In The Previous Years

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Kenya National Union of teachers, commonly known as Knut is a trade union whose members are teachers and is tasked with the role of fighting for the better working conditions for them.

Before Carrying out its election this year,the Kenya National Union of teachers was becoming a crippled lion after most of its members left the organisation.

The once giant trade union lost many members,after the teachers service commission introduced an online button in the T-pay which teachers can use to exit and join a union.During that time many tutors decided to exit.

In the last two months over 6000 teachers have joined the Union a move that the Unions secretary general has termed as restoring the lost glory of the organisation.

"This is a clear show that we are building the union again,more members are joining and we encourage teachers to join the union to make it strong" Said Oyuu.

Early this year the trade unions activities almost got paralyzed after its members were reduced to 12 000 from Hundred thousands that it had.

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