Huzuni Tele! Strange Photos Of Cat's Skin Turned To Human Clothes

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Billions of animals are slaughtered and processed each year, for the “Fashion Industry”. Whether we’re speaking of leather, fur, wool, feathers/down, or silk, animals are “ranched”/raised, trapped, mutilated and killed under some of the most horrific conditions imaginable, in order to produce the clothing and accessories that most of us wear. These animals lead miserable, short, tortured lives about which the average consumer has little awareness or knowledge.

As crazy as it might sound, some people still wear clothing made from animal fur or skin.

What they may not realize is that every fur-trimmed coat, leather bag, and wool sweater caused animals tremendous suffering—and took away their lives. That’d be like someone taking your life just to add a piece of your skin to an overpriced jacket that no one really needs—gross! If you’d never wear clothing made from human skin, you shouldn’t wear clothing made from animals, either.

I came across this post on facebook of how clothes are made out of Cat's skin and I felt so bad.See some of the heart breaking photos i have compiled for you,share and comment if it has touches your heart.

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