See what these army officers did to stop hoodlums from invading federal girls school (photos)

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Nigerian armed force are viewed as the terrible ones since the Lekki massacre occure however there are additionally acceptable individuals among them who are prepared to ensure the safety Nigeria residents. 

What they did in a Southern state just to make our young ladies in school safe from the sum total of what has been going on in the Country of late, Checkout a few pictures of how they persuaded the Hoodlums underneath;

A lot of Nigerians didn't fail to air their views on the whole thing that happened. Beneath are screenshots of reactions from Instagram.

In fact we need forces like these individuals who are prepared and ready to forfeit their lives for other people. 

They went down on their kneels rising their hands up to show backing to the Nigerian EndSARS protest, shielding Innocent blood wasn't what they were marked to do. 

Leader should find a proper solution to the ongoing activities of hoodlums since Innocent Nigerians are loosing their properties because of what the Hoodlums are doing. 

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