Governor Seyi Makinde's Has A Loving And Straightforward Mother. See Her Stunning Photos

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Mothers are gifts to the human race, their love and care can’t be compared to anyone. Their prayers are often prophetic, their training is reforming and transforming and their insight into things about their children can sometimes be more any spirituality. They see and they sometimes prophesy, this a rare gift mothers have over their children.

 Sometimes, I wonder why mothers are often “placed above fathers” most times, I later discovered that mothers are just different when it comes to sacrifices made for the sustainability of their children both physically and spiritually.

Governor Seyi Makinde has an exceptional mother who is a loving disciplinarian and straightforward woman. These attributes we’re attested to by the Governor himself when he was sharing about the training he and his siblings received from his mother.

For everyone in Nigeria who is following the trend of things in the political space of the country, there have often been various viable and positive comments about this great leader who is selfless and committed to delivering good services for his people.

Governor Seyi Makinde was born on the 25th December 1967 by Late Pa Olatubosun Makinde Omojolagbe and Madam Abigail Makinde. He is the third child of the family. Seyi Makinde is a graduate of Electrical Engineering from the University of Lagos and a member of quite a number of professional bodies.

He is the was the Group Managing Director of Makon Group Limited an indigenous oil and gas company in Nigeria. He has achieved quite a lot of things in his chosen field such that he decided not to receive any salary from the state. He is truly a rare example of a servant leader.

Why do I have to talk about his bio, when the article was majorly meant to talk about his mother? The simple truth is that all of these great things were made possible by the discipline and training given by Madam Abigail Makinde. 

A mother who spent her time taking care of her children and plays a major role in their lives would definitely live to enjoy the fruits of such labor over her children. The life they say is a mystery but to be honest, the so-called mystery of life can be foreseen by mothers, so they train their children to fit into the mystery that life tends to bring their ways.

Madam Abigail Makinde is a proud woman now having seen her effort and labor paid off over her son, Seyi Makinde, and her other children. Governor Seyi Makinde is often filled with thanks every time for having such a mother like her.

Here are other photos you would love to see about this rare leader.

Governor Seyi Makinde's mother celebrated her 80th birthday last year. She still looks strong and energetic. The above photo shows Seyi's mother, his brothers, and his wife.

Governor Seyi Makinde and his mother.

Governor Seyi Makinde and his beautiful wife.

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