Is this ritual or fun? See what students of this tertiary school were doing


A whole lot of controversies have been heard about what students do in various educational institutions. A whole lot of activities take place in our various educational institutions aside from academics. These activities are at every level of education. From Junior High Schools to Senior High Schools to our tertiary institutions and even at the primary level.

Some students are assigned to various clubs in which they perform numerous activities as a club. Some of these clubs are authorized by the school while others are just formed by the students themselves to partake in fun related activities and sometimes sacred acts. We have heard students who create clubs to indulge themselves in practices of occultism. Others instigate clubs to learn as well.

A group of students were found yesterday on the campus of Koforidua Technical University (KTU) in traditional red and white outfits. One would ask where did these students come from? Another would ask, what was their purpose for being there at that time? One can still ask, who permitted them to parade the campus with that kind of outfit? These questions demand keen answers.

This group of people to be precise, are students of the Koforidua Technical Students affiliated to the University Hall. This group of people as seen by everyone was singing 'morale' songs which are locally known as "JAMA". They do this normally since that group of people are known for that. These types of groups can be found in almost every university hall of every university.

Yet others are of the view that, aside from singing of the 'morale' songs by the group, they believe that there are other sacred activities they indulge in. What do you think about this?