"God,talk to me"-See lady's reaction after Bosun Tijani's tweeted that Education bailed him out.

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Few moments after Bosun Tijani dropped a tweet on Twitter,a young lady made a touching comment.

Olatunbosun Tijani was born on 20 July 1977 is 43 years old and he is a Nigerian-British entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of Co-Creation Hub.He studied at the University of Leicester,Warwick and in the University of Jos.Co-Creation Hub is a pan-African innovation enabler that works at the forefront of accelerating the application of innovation and social capital for a better society.Tijani lives in Leicester and Lagos with his wife,Moji and two children.This is what he wrote that attracted the reaction:

Education bailed me out but I still remember this turning point.All these stories are for another day,but for now,we have a duty to look after our people.Build a society that is truly inclusive and just.

This is what the lady replied: Almighty Father,please what does the future hold for me? Certificate is not sure,I don't have talent,I don't have money,I am not beautiful,my country is not sure,God talk to me".

It's disheartening that there are people who are in this kind of situation.Inasmuch as some people cannot go to school to acquire the knowledge and certificates that the school offers,there are other things you can do.Indeed education is a strong tool for liberating people from poverty,but there are other tools too.

Everybody is talented,it's just a matter of discovering and hyping that talent.There are skills out there which one can learn in a situation where they can't access education in the four walls of school.One can learn hairstyling,fashion designing,catering,make up,shoe making, carpentry and lots more.Some of these skills are looked down on but when used properly,they can provide more than enough to keep a person in a comfortable position.I was privileged to meet a carpenter who I referred to as designers carpenter because his skill had class.He was very good at his work and gave the best of his services.When you want to learn a skill,learn it properly and become perfect at it,with God's grace,it will turn out well.

If you want to go to school,do it properly,spend those years doing what you are supposed to be doing in school which is learning and making yourself better so that those years spent will not be wasted.If you are talented,work continuously on it to become better at it and it will pay off.Rome was not built in a day.Consistency,determination,hardwork and the grace of God are very important in the journey to success.Do not just sit and wait for bread to fall from the sky when you have hands and legs.

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