What can you do to stop snoring?

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Snoring, harsh sounds produced when the air from the breath makes the relaxed tissues of the throat vibrate, can become a real problem for both the people who generate it and those who live with them.


Although, as indicated by the Mayo Clinic, an institution dedicated to disseminating health information, almost all people touch from time to time, for some people it can be a chronic problem.


One that interrupts your own sleep and the sleep of other cohabitants, with the whole series of consequences that this poor sleep hygiene entails on a day-to-day basis.

But what actually causes them? According to this same institution, the narrowing of the airways can be intensified by multiple factors. One of the most important has to do with the anatomy of the mouth. In the words of the experts, having a low and thick soft palate can narrow the airway.


Also, overweight people may have extra tissues in the back of the throat that can narrow the airway. Other factors that can play a role are alcohol consumption, nasal problems, sleep deprivation, and sleeping position.

Hence, the first of the recommendations of WebMD, a website specializing in health and medicine, to snore less is to change position at bedtime. Lying on your back causes the base of the tongue and the soft palate to collapse towards the back wall of the throat, causing a vibrating sound during sleep, so it is much more convenient to sleep on your side. 


Another alternative solution to this problem is to recline the bed with the head up and extended, which opens the way and can help prevent snoring. Of course, this last option can cause neck pain.

The second WebMD recommendation for less snoring is to lose weight. Although people who are at optimal weight or even thin also snore, being overweight can be a risk factor. Not surprisingly, many people begin to snore in a chronic way when they gain weight. 


It is one of many reasons why we should take care of ourselves and maintain a healthy weight. The same goes for alcohol. Its consumption is never beneficial and, in the case of snoring, it increases the probability that it will appear by reducing the resting tone of the muscles in the back of the throat.

In addition, and according to WebMC specialists, we must also practice good sleep hygiene, which involves sleeping an optimal number of hours, in silence and without interruptions. Finally, we can not forget the opening of the nasal passages, another fundamental factor in the appearance of snoring. 

In fact, many people only snore when they have a cold or are having an allergic episode. In this sense, from WebMD, they recommend a hot shower before sleeping to open the ducts, as well as changing the pillows frequently in case of being allergic to mites.

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