Photographer Captured Moments Sea Waves Turned Into A Lion.


Nature is really amazing under so many circumstances. Nobody can challenge nature from any direction. The sea covers 70 percent of the total surface area of the earth. In an unfortunate natural disaster, the sea can swallow up all inhabitants of the earth within just some few minutes.

However, the creator gave a stopping point for the sea, that is the beach. But sometimes the waves are too strong that humans have built defense systems along the sea. A photographer had the following experience at the beach, keep reading.

Photographer have seized the moment huge waves smashed against a dam and formed the shape of a lion and wolf in bursts of splash in porthcawl, Wales, the UK As the roar blew up giant screens of water smashed the coastline and blew up in showers above the dam, making the shapes of animals in the mist.

There photographs were captured by 60-year-old Stephen Grant and his wife Kath, who live in the seaside town. Grant said that storms occur throughout the year especially when the winds are blowing south to southwest, with gust reaching up to 30 to 40 miles per hour causing big swells, throwing the waves over the pier, peaking at times to 20 to 30 feet high.