Opinion| Ramapbosa has done a lot to fight covid19 pandemic

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Many people can admit that Cyril Ramaphosa has not had a good time since he became the president of this country, because of the coronavirus that has hit that country since 2019 in December after he became president in May and this was not easy for him.

Last year in March he implanted the lockdown which has created a huge blow in this country where many people have been left unemployed, because many companies were closed because of this pandemic which has also made the people go stay indoors so that they cannot be infected.

But he has been doing a good to fight the spread of this virus where he announced several grants that will help those who were infected with it.

The special covid19 grants were one of those that have helped the poor a lot which has made them have food on their houses which is what they have been looking for.

The covid19 has been a serious test for this country because many people we're left hopeful and Ramaphosa was forced to use his leadership qualities to bring hope to them.

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