Someone We May Not Want To Meet Now But Will Be Glad To Do So, When Things Go South


Human beings are averse to the very thought of losing body limbs. Rarely do we think of what would happen in case we lose a limb following an accident. The thought of losing a limb is in itself frightful and disorienting. But should that sad eventuality occur, God forbid, here's a person you'll be glad to meet?

John Amanam.

32-year-old John Amanam is a sculpturer who was motivated to venture into prosthetic limbs production when a close relative lost his fingers in a motorcycle accident. He could closely see the shame and loss of confidence that walking around with a stump caused to the relative.

Prosthetic limbs available in the market are either technological contraptions (left) or obvious artificial (right).

Although he had no formal training John experimented with plasticine and oil paints. As a fine artist, he already had a rich background on the use of different shades of paint. The outcome of his work was so hyper-realistic that in January 2020 Nigerian filmmakers were contracting him for special effects production.

John had an open niche as the market for dark-skin prosthetics had never been exploited before. Black amputees have to put up with White-skinned prosthetics that not only stand out as fake but are also made of heavy industrial plastic or wood.

By March 2020 John had been interviewed by the world's major news networks of BBC, Aljazeera, and Reuters. John went into mass production and the future looked all set and brilliant when entered Covid-19. And voila, all his dreams of wealth and grandeur went out the door.

A cursory search for John Amanam on Google revealed a short documentary video of the artist deftly creating a surreal human hand. His intricate moves as he draws fine lines on the back of a hand are, to say the least, unnerving.

But our search ends there and may not continue now because the pandemic has put into a tailspin all individual enterprises and as we said before, human beings are averse to the very thought of losing body limbs.