Guinness Records: Photos Of Strangest People In The World


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It's difficult to imagine that there are so many different people with many different skills all over the world. Despite the majority of these abilities being genuinely incredible, a few of them are downright bizarre. Here are 5 people with the strangest skills, ranging from dancing eyeballs to tongue painting:

Milky Eyes

Mister Yilmaz may hold one of the strangest records in the world simply because it involves milk. The Turkish construction worker will snort milk up his nose and squirt it out one of his eyes with a loud snort. He has an abnormality in the tear glands. It is only a few people in the world that can perform this trick. Yilmaz has held the record for the longest milk squirting distance since 2004, measuring 9 feet and 2 inches (2.8M).

Pop Eyes

This talent could frighten you a little. Kim Goodman has the most expressive face. Her eyeballs can be popped to around 12mm. If you don't believe me, her dilated pupils were tested in Turkey in 2007. Goodman suffers from "Proptosis," a disorder marked by eyeball displacement or bulging. She realized this when she was struck by a hockey mask. She can now make her eyes pop out on command!

Tongue Painter

Tongue Painter is a term used to describe someone who paints with their tongue.

To be an artist nowadays, all you need is a 'lick of paint.' Ani K accomplishes this by creating artworks with his tongue. The Indian artist licks paint onto the canvas before twisting his head to create various strokes. And if you don't think that's impressive enough, consider that he's produced over 1000 works of art. His eight-foot-tall (2.5-meter) version of Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Super" is one of his most famous works.

The King's Tooth

We all want to have healthy teeth, but we never imagined they could be as solid as steel. Ratha Krishman Very, also known as "king Tooth," used a rope clinched to his mouth to pull a 260.8 ton train over 13 feet, 9 inches (4.2 meters) in October 2003. He said he gets his strength from an Indian method of daily meditation. He is a strict vegetarian ethnic Indian. He still runs 15.5 miles (25 kilometers) a day and raises bars weighing up to 550 pounds (250 kilograms) every day to remain in top shape.

Elastic Girl

Zlata, a Russian contortionist, defies all laws with her movements. From lifting his legs above his head to setting Guinness World Records, she had done it all. This lady is small enough to fit into a 50cm case. She's a movie star! Zlata is now so well-known that she poses in racy dresses in her own featured calendar, demonstrating her versatility moves.

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