U/W: Community Appeals for Classroom after 20years of Sacrifice


The chief and people of Nassah in the Poyentanga electoral area of the Wa West District are calling on the government of Ghana through the Wa West District Assembly and NGOs to extend development a little to their community by constructing at least a classroom block for the Nassah D/A Primary School.

Residents in this community say it is through their own efforts and the help of a son of theirs that the school was started during the J. J. Rawlings regime.

According to Mr. Yakubu Saanseo, a resident of Nassah, the community through communal labour, started the school and the Rawlings government during the 90’s came to their aid with pavilions. These pavilions were subsequently built into full classrooms by the same Rawlings government. Since then, according to Mr. Saanseo, no classroom project has come to the community. They are therefore calling on the Wa West District Assembly and benevolent organisations to come to their aid by building a classroom block in the school as the ones available are all fast deteriorating. 

In an interaction with the chief of Nassah, Naaha Naa Adama Tiferee, he confirmed the bad nature of the classrooms in the school and has therefore pleaded with the right authorities and benevolent organisations to help him with new classroom block in the school. 

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