Five Reasons why People Frequently Have Excessive Stomach Gas

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Stomach bloating is simply a condition when your belly is full and tight due to gas. Stomach gas is largely caused by swallowing air while consuming food or drinks. In this article I explain the common causes of stomach gas.

Causes Of Stomach Gas

1) Use Of Straws

Since time immemorial, humans have been using straws. One of the disadvantages of using straws is that they lead to excessive gas in our stomachs. When a straw is inserted in a drink,it captures air which will be taken to the digestive tract hence causing stomach bloating.

2) Eating Too Fast

When you eat or drink hurriedly, you increase the air quantity breathed in. This excess air then builds up in the gastrointestinal tract which will then cause stomach bloating.

3) Beans

Beans and other legumes like peas are well known for causing gas accumulation in the stomach. This is because they are rich in fiber and hence stomach enzymes cannot easily digest them.

4) Soda

Drinking carbonated drinks like sodas causes stomach bloating because they comprise of sugar and carbondioxide.

5) Constipation

Being unable to pass out stool normally may be the reason you are having excessive gas in the stomach. When you are constipated,gas trapped behind the waste will cause bloating in the stomach.

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