"Please help me. What can I do to fix this?" Limpopo woman posted and people had this to say to her

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A woman from Limpopo recently had a lot of people talking after asking for help with the current roofing problem she is having. She posted this on Limpopo houses Facebook page and said "Hi guys. Please help me. What can I do to fix this?" See the post she made on Facebook down below.

People commented under her post and had a lot of things to say. Some people thought the corrugated iron she used must be low quality and she must replace it with high quality iron. Others suggested she paint it instead. Someone commented and said "This is sometimes caused by poor ventilation, so the water vapor goes up and stick on the roof. I think you need to paint it and make ventilation." Another person commented and said "Nothing you can do option you have is to change them because not so longer you will be seeing holes." See some of the other comments people left under the post down below.

What are your thoughts on this? How can one fix this problem? Comment down below your thoughts.

Source https://www.facebook.com/groups/1233996456734646/permalink/2625113527622925/?sfnsn=scwspmo&ref=share

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