People Are Very Creative, A Kenyan Uses Mechanical Wastes To Make Amazing Toys For Kids

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Creativity is what makes people different in the world. Infact, most of the products we use or see around us are as a result of being creativeness.

A Kenyan has come up with a brilliant idea of using the mechanical wastes such as metals like bolts, nuts, wastes spanners, spark plugs and others to make toys for kids.

The waste metals are designed and turned into shapes that resembles sculptures of various animals such as frogs, chameleons, human body, and many others.

This is a very creative idea considering the fact that most garages in Kenya do not have a major way of disposing their metal wastes. Infact, Kenya has millions of cars which have to be taken to a mechanic for replacement of one worn-out spare part or another.

Turning the metals into these shapes calls for an extra skill in crafting which the person seem to have mastered very well.

See photos of unique metal sculptures resembling different animals that is a proof of the person's creativity.

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