They Shot A Gun At The Back Of My Car Just To Find A Way For Me To Stop - Facebook User Cautions


Have you ever had an encounter with armed robbers? If you haven't, hope and pray that you do not come close to such unscrupulous individuals, because they can sometimes be as savage as wild animals. 

The rate of armed robbery cases are getting rampant nowadays. In a very short time, there have been an overwhelming number of armed robbery attacks on innocent citizens. It seems they have recently targeted mobile money agents. There is the need for the security service to intensify their surveillance in our towns, cities and highways.

A Facebook user has shared on the page, Sparrow GH, a terrific encounter he had with armed robbers on the GIMPA road, and I thought it wise to share it on this platform for all to take caution.

He narrated that, three days ago at about 1 AM, he was driving on the GIMPA road when armed men crossed him with their motorbikes. Luckily for him, he managed to swerve their bikes and began to speed off. Those delinquents didn't give up. They shot a gun at the back of his car. Clearly, they did that in an attempt to cause him to stop the car for them to finish up their evil agenda.

With courage, he drove off and was safe from the attack. The victim is sending a word of caution to all that will hear about the incident to never use the road as a short cut at night. Accroding to him, the experience was so pathetic that he doesn't wish it on anyone.

If luck had not been on his side, they could have snatched the car. He could have even lost his life. Authorities must really up their game to curb this canker, since it is becoming too alarming. If such folks are frequently arrested and made to face the laws of the land, they will begin to change their ways. As it stands now, the condition is too favorable for them. We pray things will change. 

See a screenshot of the story below:

If you have ever encountered a similar incident, please share with us in the comments section for others to learn a thing or two. Thank you.