Causes Of Conflicts In Marriages


Many marriages are failing to work nowadays due to many reasons. You find a couple getting married and within three months they are running to court for devorce. Here is where you find a man murdering the wife or vice-varsa. All these happens due to:

1. Short term courtship. Some couples take very short time in courtship and get married immediately. For this case you find that they had not studied each other's behavior. The moment one's true colours are revealed this is where the conflict begins. You now realize that you married a wrong person. Take time to study your partner before you get married.

2. Education level. The difference in education level matters alot. Unless otherwise in many cases it is difficult for a couple of the same education level to agree on some issues. This is because everybody wants to be the one to decide on matters which makes it difficult for the head of the family to accept. This will most probably lead to this couple to separate.

3. Financial status. This is a delicate situation unless God intervenes. The couple must plan together on how to spend their money. Failure to this conflicts will just arise because one will want to know how the other spend the money.

4. Involvement of in-laws and relatives in your marriage. Some in-laws and relatives do spoil marriages in that some want to control your house. Some are very dependant so they want their brother's or sister's money. All these things will lead to a marriage to break.