Rice Balls: A local Ghanaian Delicacy


In considering some of the most enjoyed Ghanaian local meals, one would agree that the exemption of rice balls also known in local terms as "Emo Tuo" can not be ruled out.

The meal which is loved by almost all Ghanaians is made of rice just like its name suggests. The rice is boiled for a longer time as compared to preparing ordinary rice. After a while, the rice is stirred continuously until it gets compact and stretchy.

"Emo Tou" is usually preferred to be taken with Groundnut soup. Most top-notched hotels and restaurants in the country have this delicious meal on their menus.

When next you decide to pay Ghana a visit, do make sure to grab a warm bowl of "Emo Tuo with Nkate Nkwan" and trust me it will definitely brighten up your day!

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