5 Things Jesus Christ Did For Us Through His Death On the Cross

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Many people have not understood what Chris did for mankind through his death on the cross To many who do not believe, it is not very clear what we mean ,when we say that he died for us since we still die.

Well the essence of this article is to explain the benefits of Christ death on the Cross in the life of a believer. Carefully peruse through the article, you will appreciate what true Christians benefited from Christ death on the Cross of Calvary.

1. Jesus Christ brought forgiveness of sins

Before the coming of Christ , the Bible made it categorically clear that there was nothing like forgiveness of sins, because God's rule is that the soul that commits sin must die. Rom 6 23 God also made it clear that without shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins. Heb 9:22That was why the high priest had to enter into the holy of holies every year on behalf of the people.

2. Christ saved us from numerous blood sacrifices

Believers under the law had a lot of sacrifices they must have to offer, They had sin offering, harvest offering,and so on. Christ himself became a pleasant sacrifice to God.

3Christd opened the door for Gentile Nations to come to God col:1 21-22

Salvation was previously for the Jews. Before Christ came , the old covenant had no position for other Nations to worship the true God . Under that covenant God was exclusively the right of the Jews. Other people can only worship God as proselytes.

4. Christ brought healing to true Christians

The Bible tells us that Jesus Christ was wounded for our transgressions and also bruised for our iniquities. The death of Christ brought physical healing for believers .Isa 53 :7

5. Christ death gave believers power over evil spirits Mark 16:17-18

Never before was it heard that a man cast out evil spirits, not even in the old covenant was it possible. Christ made it possible, True believers in Christ have power over demons and evil spirits. The benefits are countless but let us stop here for now.

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