Kenyas Multi-million Longest SGR Bridge


Kenya is one of the most developing country in Africa in terms of infrastructures.It has alot of mult-billion infrastructures that has made it to be among developing countries in the world and Africa.One of its infrastructure is the Athi river Super bridge.This has become one of the kenyas Longest SGR Bridge.It was designed and constructed by a Chinese engineer under the management of the Kenya Railways and bridges authority.

The main reason for the Constrution of this bridge was mainly to avoid the cutting of Athi river town and to minimize destruction of the residents of many people.The construction of this SGR bridge has helped in growth of trade in the country in that the movement of goods have been made easy by the SGR.Also it has helped to minimize accidents in roads which had been exprienced earlier before the SGR.

The Athi river SGR super bridge has helped in the creation of employment opportunities for many people during its construction.


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