OPINION| MacG is making celebrities to spill the beans on other celebrities.

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I'm sure by now that a lot of us are very familiar with podcast and chill with MacG. If you didn't know what podcast and chill are then here is a little insight, podcast and chill is a podcast that is hosted on YouTube by MacG, they invite celebrities and talk to them more about their lives and their experiences with other celebrities.

Well, recently there has been a recurring theme on the podcast that people have noticed, and that is the fact that almost every celebrity who is invited to the podcast seems to reveal a secret about other celebrities, and if you watch the previous episodes of this podcast you'll realise that it is true.

It seems like the host of the podcast MacG has a way of making people feel like they can reveal secrets. When Boohle the female singer went on the podcast she said some things that seem to have upset some fellow celebrities and some fans also, after revealing some secrets about the song "siyathandana" which we all know to be Cassper Nyovest's song, she revealed that she wrote it.

She wasn't the only celebrity who went onto the podcast and decided to clear her chest, the dancer and entertainer Zodwa Wabantu also went on the podcast and said some things that most of us believe should have been a secret. She said things about Zahara, that I doubt sat well with Zahara.

Recently, the host of Uyajola99, Jub Jub went on the podcast as well, and he is also another celebrity that went on the podcast and said some things that sparked a nationwide trend, as his former girlfriends seem to be coming out and claiming that they were raped by him, and all this happened after he went on the podcast.

Podcast and chill with MacG has become one of the most-watched YouTube content in South Africa, and that is because we always expect celebrities to say some interesting things about their fellow celebrities.

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