What Awendo Residents Did To DP Ruto Today That Many Did Not Expect

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The second in Command,Dr. William Ruto has stormed Raila's stronghold;Migori and many people have flocked there to welcome him,meet with him and listen to what he would say.

He attended the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Awendo,in Migori County where songs of praises hit the air as the DP Ruto's convoy arrived where he was in his vehicle and together with his team were directed for a place to sit.

On arriving,he was received like a Messiah despite the claims that he may receive little attentions since it is Raila's stronghold who is the main competitor of the DP. All the Nyanza region's are the primary bases for ODM leader Raila Odinga.

The Luos and Luhyas in Nyanza region have always been showing solidarity to their man ,the ODM party leader,Raila Odinga even at times of his political crisis.

The DP is seen to be giving more attentive to the Raila's,President Uhuru's and Kalonzo's strongholds and he is gaining his popularity as seen by his numerous visits in these regions where he is selling his political ambitions through the hustler narrative.For instance, yesterday he was in Kitui, also this week, he was in Kiambu.

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