The 5 Key Added Instructions To Candidates During Their Exams


The Kenya National Examination Council tody has released the KCPE and KCSE revised timetable and all the instructions that will be following by the supervisors invigilators,teachers and the candidates throughout the exam period.All this instructions should be give and get understood clearly during the rehearsal day to the respective groups.

To the supervisors and invigilators they should ensure candidates adhere to the instructions and the guidelines that they will be give.The should also ensure also ensure that candidates are issue will the personalized answer sheet that have their correct names and index numbers.Teachers are advised to ensure that candidates clearly understand the instructions given by KNEC and are aware of the penalties for examination irregularities or misconducts.

Candidates on the other hand are required to follow these instructions carefully.Among these instructions are:

*Avail themselves for searching outside the exam room and be seated Fifteen minutes before the time scheduled for the paper.

*Candidates not allowed to leave the examination room before the of the period allocated to the paper except with special permission from the supervisors.

*Don't leave a paper written on or answers in search a way another candidate can read them.

*No communication in whatever manner between candidates or with outsiders.

*Not allowed to have their possession like books, papers except the correct question papers in the exam room.