Mzansi declares, "Something big is going on."As This was spotted roaming on home turf,

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LiSomething big is going on ", Mzansi says as this was spotted roaming on home ground


UN soldiers trailers have been spotted in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Soldiers appear to be growing in number. Is there a reason for this?

There has been widespread speculation that UN troops have arrived on our soil. A Twitter user inquired about the soldiers who had been spotted in KwaZulu-Natal. Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula responded. UN troops have reportedly been stationed throughout KZN, according to rumors. "There's a major event taking place." Perhaps it has something to do with the ISIS training camp in South Africa," speculated one Twitter user.

According to public opinion, South Africa is on the verge of becoming a terrorist or extremist state. Given recent events in which national key points have been discovered burning under mysterious circumstances, it is easy to conclude that we are in for a rough time as a country.

In South Africa, the UN is repositioning itself to support local government and service delivery, putting its resources and expertise at the disposal of municipalities and their citizens.

Africa is still the continent with the most peacekeeping missions. Experts say that in order to improve peacebuilding, reforms are needed as conflict-affected countries increasingly look for help outside of the UN.

Many South Africans have expressed concerns about security, particularly in the aftermath of the recent fire at the Waterkloof Airbase. Despite the fact that the South African National Defense Force claims there is no evidence of wrongdoing, several people believe the country is in grave danger. There are far too many fires under the watchful eye of the ANC government and its rivals. To name a few, there's: Electrical transformers exploding, Charlotte Mxenge Hospital, University of Cape Town, Waterkloof Airbase, Parliament fire, Concourt vandalism

Strange things will continue to occur in South Africa now that we are enslaved by foreign powers. You may not be aware, but these "loans" are subject to terms and conditions. Watch for policy and legislative changes, as well as psyops and SOE sabotage, as someone mentioned yesterday. The fire at the Waterkloof airbase is only the start.

Fikile Mbalula's followers held a conversion about UN soldiers under his tweet.

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