Meru Woman Rep On The Wrong Side Of Female MCAs And Civil Society Groups For Her Slur Utterances


Meru county woman representative honourable Kawira Mwangaza has found herself on the wrong side of female MCAs and civil society groups as they demand for appology from her after her insulting words to some of them.

Image courtesy: Hon Kawira Mwangaza.

According to a report posted by Nation TV on twitter, the female MCAs together with civil society groups held a peaceful demonstration in Meru town against honourable Kawira Mwangaza for insinuating that some ot the local MCAs secured their current seats courtesy of sexual favours.

The protestors most of whom were women from all corners of Meru county, termed Mwangaza's utterances as demeaning and demanded for immediate appology from her.

The women who were chanting slogans and carrying posters written Mwangaza must go, said that the remarks were very unfortunate given that the majority of them mobilised for her support during the last general elections.

The police were faced to lobb teargas canisters to the peaceful demonstrators in an attempt to disperse them from the town.