"Just Go And Appeal for BBI, You Will Get Ashamed Once Again," Angry Mp Attacks Uhuru


Kapseret Mp Hon. Oscar Sudi has once again taken on President Uhuru Kenyatta, accusing Him of playing dirty tricks so that He can change the Constitution against the will of Kenyans, urging that Uhuru should go on and appeal on matters of BBI so that the Court of Appeal judges will once again ashame Him.

Sudi who was speaking to Kapseret residents said that the head of state and His allies are fraudsters who have their own mission of mutilating the Constitution, urging that they don't mean well for Kenyans, because they have been going against the old Constitution by disobeying Court orders.

He also added that more than 85% of Kenyans support the rulling of the High Court Judges, while a small percentage are currently opposing due to their own selfish benefits. The Mp However dared Uhuru to proceed to Court of Appeal and face the same tragedy because the Judges are the same and they use the same law and rullings.

"Uhuru and His government have never followed any orders from our Courts who made their rullings from the Current Constitution. They want to destroy our Constitution for their own good and We won't accept. I also want to thank our esteemed Judges because they felt mercy to Kenyans and that is why they made the rullings. I urge Uhuru to continue with His appeal plans because I am very sure the Court of Appeal judges will make the same rulling. "Sudi says.

The lawmaker dragged the Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i into the mix saying that He is misusing the powers by sending more than 1,000 Police Officers in every by-elections and trying to rig the results so that He decides who wins, and that was evident in Bonchari Rurii and also Juja Constituencies where Kenyans were rebellious.

Sudi however advised to Police to follow orders that they are given but also don't apply much force to Kenyans who are exercising their Constitutional rights.

"Sometimes I talk but people assume that I don't know what I am saying. I always attack Matiang'i because it is very true that He usually sends close to one thousand Police officers to every by-elections that Happens in Kenya. He also wants to plan who wins the election, and that is the things that our Judges refused. And that is why I always defend police. I advise them to go to those places but also use their brains well not to hurt Kenyans."He added.

The lawmaker told Uhuru Kenyatta to forget about extending His term in Office urging that this Nation belongs to 50 Million Kenyans who have to make their own decision. He added that Moi was a very powerful individual who made people in His government to shake but later He moved out of Power to be an ordinary Kenyan. Sudi told Uhuru that He should not enslave Kenyans because everybody will die.

"We worked very well with Uhuru as from 2013 to 2017 untill He decided to extend His term. We want to inform Him that we won't allow that Nonsense, because this Nation belongs to us all. Uhuru should also remember that there were more powerful men than Him including the late President Moi who ruled with an Iron Fist but later left the position. We will all die stop enslaving Kenyans. "He posed.

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