The Possible Winner of A Military War Between Saudi Arabia And Iran without Involving Allies

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The Possible Winner of A Military War Between Saudi Arabia And Iran without Involving Allies

Saudi Arabia and Iran are two well known foes in the middle East. They have been indirectly battling each other on the soil of Syria and later on, Yemen. The two countries have been in an economic and political struggle aggravated by their religious differences. Iran is largely Shia Muslims, while Saudi Arabia sees herself as the leading Sunni Muslim power. In the quest for more regional power and expansion, they have been having military clashes which may not lead to a full blown war because both countries know that a full blown war is not in their interests. Using their stock of military weapons, let’s analyse the possible winner of a full blown military war between both countries without the intervention of their allies, according to the global fire power:


Land Power

Tanks: 2,056

 Armored Vehicles: 4,300

Rocket Projectors: 1935

Self-Propelled Artillery: 570

towed Artillery: 2,088  

Air Power  

Total Strength: 509

Fighters: 155

Dedicated Attack: 23

Transports: 62

Trainers: 94

 Special-Mission: 9

 Helicopters: 100

Attack Helicopters: 12   

 Naval Power

Total Assets: 398

Aircraft Carriers: 0

Destroyers: 0

Frigates: 7

Corvettes: 3

Submarines: 34

Patrol: 342

Mine Warfare: 8  

Saudi Arabia  

Land Power

Tanks: 1,062

Armored Vehicles: 12,825

Self-Propelled Artillery: 705

Towed Artillery: 1,818

Rocket Projectors: 122  

 Air Power

 Total Strength: 879

Fighters: 270

Dedicated Attack: 81

Transports: 49

Trainers: 208

Special-Mission: 13

Helicopters: 283

Attack Helicopters: 34  

Naval Power   

 Total Assets: 55

Aircraft Carriers: 0

Destroyers: 0

Frigates: 3

Corvettes: 4

Submarines: 0

Patrol: 9

Mine Warfare: 3  

From the above comparison, both countries have great weapons. A decision of who wins in such a war is a difficult one to make. But using experience, I would say Iran is more experienced than Saudi Arabia at war.

Additionally, Iran Manufactures most of her weapons, Saudi Arabia buys most of her weapons from the West. Saudi could undoubtedly have latest sophisticated weapons more than Iran, but does she actually know how best to deploy the weapons for maximum efficacy? This a very important question. Iran as a weapon manufacturer, knows her weapon so well and how best to use it. Besides, the power rating index of Iran, according to the global fire power, is higher than that of Saudi Arabia.

Finally, in such war, Saudi Arabia has more to lose than Iran. Iran does not have anything economically. Also, I do not see Saudi Arabia capable and courageous enough to go into a full blown war without fear, and fear is a losing factor. Therefore, Iran will defeat saudi Arabia.

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