Police Officer In Embu Cries Foul After Being Conned KSh 1 Million


Police Officer attached at Embu prison cries for help after being conned is hard earn KSh 1 million. Speaking to a local media station, Joseph Mumo, the officer said that he is living a miserable life after four men forged his documents borrowing KSh 1.1 million loan from Unaitas Sacco Account leaving him in darkness.Photo Courtesy| For Illustration Purpose Only

"Four men forged my documents later borrowing a loan through my account. I no longer receive my salary as the money is being recovered from the pay slip." Mumo said.

Adding that he has been forced to eat food ment to prisoners as well as fighting mental illness after that incidence. He continued that he has not been able to receive money ment for people with disabilities.

He said that he has a degree in criminology and diploma in intelligence and forensic management and his bosses have denied him promotion like other officers.

Hope justice will be done to the officer.

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