"When You Fall Sick Or Dead You Become Everyone's Friend" Kiraitu On His Death Rumours


Meru governor Kiraitu murungi has breaked his silence on the rumours that surfaced the Media concerning his health. Through a public statement the governor said that has he was battling Covid-19 in hospital he received several messages and mails everyone just wishing him quick recovery.

According to him , whenever someone gets sick or dies, he or she usually gets attention from everyone and suddenly you become everybody's friend. I agree with him , sickness and death has no enemity in people ,it has no boundaries because everyone must go through the same. Kiraitu went further and explained how he felt seeing hospitalized Raila being dragged out of hospital to accompany uhuru and confirm to netizens handshake deal wasn't over yet.

When it comes to matter of health politics should come second because in politics nobody cares about your life or health rather then your impact and influence on people.

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Several politicians were hospitalized after they contracted Covid-19, this forced the head of state to issue a ban on all political rallies and any gathering as it was considered as a prone ground to spread of the virus.

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