4 Ghanaian foods every visitor should try before leaving the country.


Hello fam,please welcome and follow for more.Every country is known for a particular food brings the country in mind wherever the cousins is mentioned.We all know the country that comes in mind whenever pasta is mentioned is Italy.Noodles send us to China and waakye sends us to Ghana. A lot of Ghanaian foods put us out there on the map.Most of them were invented by the people of Ghana while others were learnt and infused with our culture.

Every visitor who seeks to know about Ghanaian cuisine can taste one of these foods whenever they visit the country.Waakye; This food has gradually become the number one breakfast for a lot of Ghanaians. A lot of roads are being flooded with this food every morning with people queuing for it.It is prepared with rice and red beans cooked together. You can enjoy it with salad,spaghetti, beef,gari,shito and stew.Mashed ripe plantain; One food that is gradually loosing it's significance in the Ghanaian society.This food was the favourite of a lot of homes but people don't prepare them anymore.It is best eaten with pear,groundnut,roasted or fried tilapia and egg.Fufu; one food that is mostly cooked by the Ashanti people in Ghana.Every visitor must taste it.Its prepared by pounding cooked cassava and cassava or cocoyam.Best eaten with al soup types.This is the most cheapest lunch in Ghana."Gob3" one food that's eaten by almost every student.Best eaten with ripe plantain and egg.Thanks for reading.

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