First things to do after a long rest/bed


After a rest from bed, you must do these things to keep the system active or alert the system that yeah it's a brand new day provided by almighty God/Allah.These are few things to do.........

1. Meditation

After each wake or up from a rest , individual have to meditate in other to improve the thinking ability of the brain and spinal cord for proper coordination and responds to situation.

2. 2 minutes push-ups

Regardless of the time all you need is do some push-ups for at least 2 minutes ,this 2 minutes can do a lot to your system . It creates awareness to body muscles are cardiovascular system as well..

3. Drink a glass of water

A glass of water is very necessary as plenty amount of water hydrats the system and provide good conditions and metabolism. A glass of water provide a body with a headstart and increases level of consciousness throughout the day. It also the quality of attending to cases and all sort...

(All pictures are for illustrations?

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