Opinion: Why Ronaldo's Winning Goal Against Villareal Should Have Been Disallowed

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Manchester United secured an important win against Villareal in their second Champions League game of the season.

Ole Solksjaer would be really pleased with the result after he suffered a defeat in his first game against Young Boys.

Manchester United started the game positively against Villareal as they created a couple of chances in the early stages of the game.

However, it was Villareal that grabbed the opening goal of the game through Pablo Alcacer. Alcacer was at the end of a brilliant cross from Alberto Moreno in the 54th minute.

United responded with a wonderful volley from Alex Telles. The sensational defender volleyed the ball into the back of the net after a brilliant free-kick by Bruno Fernandes.

Things got even better for Manchester United in the closing stages of the game. Cristiano Ronaldo managed to score the winning goal in the 95th minute.

When it looked like the game is going to end as a draw, Cristiano Ronaldo struck the ball past Villareal's goalkeeper.

After watching the replay of the goal, it is all clear that it shouldn't have been stood. Jesse Lingard was clearly in an offside position when Cristiano Ronaldo struck the ball.

Lingard didn't touch the ball but obstructed the goal keeper's vision

Obstruction of goal keeper's vision is clearly an offense in modern football especially when you are in an offside position.

When a player is in an offside position, he needs to ensure he is not obstructing the goalkeeper's vision to avoid being penalized.

Ronaldo's goal against Villareal should have been disallowed for offside as Lingard was spotted right in front of the goalkeeper when Ronaldo struck the ball.

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