Competency Based Curriculum A Disaster In Waiting Stakeholders Beware As Preparations Slow Down


Is the ministry of education really ready and prepared for competency based curriculum? This is the question many Kenyan parents have been asking for a while now as students near completing their senior primary level and expected to join junior secondary.

The worry is that the task force report has advised the ministry of education on issues, policies and strategies the sector needs to address to ensure access, relevance transition and even quality for effective implementation but little progress has been made mainly due to inadequate infrastructure and enough trained teachers. Its clear the secondary school teachers are yet to receive training on the new curriculum and yet time is moving so fast and learners approaching junior secondary.

What very many parents are asking is weather the learners will remain in primary schools for their junior secondary school or will proceed to secondary institutions. In both primary and secondary institutions, nothing much is happening in terms of infrastructure preparation to cater for the new curriculum. Despite shortage of teachers especially in secondary schools, those already there have not undergone training on how to handle the new curriculum when the learners join junior secondary schools.

Kenya is is know for the last minute rush and this could be the case with the ministry of education at Jogoo house to do a crush program for teachers as the learners proceed to higher levels. Ours is to wait and see and hope all will be well in the education new system.


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