It Ended In Tears For Traffic Cop Who Has Been Imprisoned For Soliciting R10k Bribe

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Traffic cop gets jail time for demanding R10K bribe In the general public is basically convinced that this is exactly what he deserves for doing something that is incredibly illegal, he should be punished because he was soliciting bribes from an ordinary member of the public who is hard working and wants to simply live a life where he is not bothered by the criminals as well as the police doing criminal activities.

This is something that every citizen deserves as a basic right because everyone is simply trying to make ends meet and there is no one who is above the problems that we are facing as the general public, so there is no way no one wants to be in this situation where they are being constantly asked for money by these traffic officers.

Randomly stopped even during incidences when they are traveling with their family members for no apparent reason, simply coming up with an excuse to stop that person and saying that they’re definitely wrong for doing such a thing and we’re talking about a situation where the officer is simply coming up with a reason to stop that individual.

Such as perhaps crossing the traffic lights before they changed to green and also accusing them of having fraudulent documentation from the Transport Department, so these are the problems that they're encountering on a daily basis and you might find out that some traffic cops simply want a little bit of money but this one seems to be very greedy and he went for the jagular by judging the person by his net worth.

Dumisani Mchunu who is 45 years old was preying on motorist of Greytown, unfortunately for him they will be preying on him in prison because he has been sentenced to four years’ imprisonment for corruption.

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