Meet The Youngest Holywood Executive Producer.


The name of the beautiful and lovely young lady is Caila Marsai Martin.She was born in August,2004 in Piano estate of Texas City in the United States of America.She is an awardwinning actress and an executive producer who is known for giving the best in what she does hence she has broken the Guiness Book of Records 2021 for being the youngest Holywood Executive Producer in the world at the age of 14.Marsai is famously known for her role as Diane Jackson in a ABC comedy series dupped,Blackish.

The hardworking girl broke the record after releasing an exceptional and inspiring film dupped,Little,on 12th April 2019.The film showcases a story of a domineering boss who becomes a child again and learns the error of her ways proving that kindness always wins.She said that the idea of the movie started from her bedroom and then decided to share it with parents who encouraged her to do it.

She is also an epitome of beauty with cute dimples,see some of her cute photos below;


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