Rigathi Gachagua's Kericho Meeting Disrupted For Minutes

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The much hyped Rigathi Gachagua's rally in kericho was disrupted for minutes as charged crowd received former Bomet governor Isaac Ruto . The entry of CCM party leader forced the speaker to stop for sometime and recognize the former governor.

The charged crowd could not let anyone preaching the theme of uniformity in voting speak , they shouted them down showing popularity of the former council of governors.


His top competitor Hillary Barchok had difficult time speaking as the crowd shouted him out of the podium just after asking them to vote for UDA inorder to help William Ruto. The hostile crowd forced the governor to say that wether they like it or not UDA leaders must be voted in . 

Isaac Ruto's slogan "Taret Taret" was loudly heard as locals who are just far from his county proofed to have unimaginable love for Isaac Ruto. 

Gachagua led William Ruto's team today at Kericho as his allies led other prayer rallies in Kabarnet and Uasingishu before converging at Nakuru for a mega rally .

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