"Ladies are Inboxing my Husband, Requesting for Love"- Nyota Ndogo Opens Up About Her Mzungu Bae


Nyota Ndogo.[Photo|Courtesy]

Mwanaisha Abdala popularly known as Nyota Ndogo is a celebrated Tarab influenced pop musician. The Mombasa based artist has been in a relationship with a Mzungu bae Hennin Nielsen. Stories of Nyota Ndogo being dumped by her Mzungu bae have been doing rounds on social media attracting various concerns. Nyota Ndogo took the internet by storm when she requested her husband to come back to her and stop blocking her on social media. According to Nyota Ndogo she just wants the closeness with her husband because of love not money. She reveals that money is not everything in life, but the best thing is to find someone who loves you perfectly.

Nyota Ndogo and her Mzungu bae.[Photo|Courtesy]

The main reason why Nyota Ndogo was left by her Denmark husband is that on April fools day she pranked her husband saying that she was pregnant. She just made a phone call to him on that day and the husband never took it as a joke and went ahead blocking her. Since 1st. April 2021, Nyota Ndogo has been having difficult times missing her Mzungu bae. Her husband thought that she had cheated on him with another man.


Speaking to Mpashogram on Instagram, Nyota Ndogo reveals that the husband is not picking calls whenever she tries to reach her. She reveals that most women are taking advantage of her and that they are sliding to her husband's DM, sending photos while trying to shoot their shot. According to Nyota, she reveals that women are sending photos without clothes in an aim to win him from her. Nyota Ndogo has threatened to expose such women.


Nyota Ndogo reveals that she wants to make a surprise visit to her husband in Denmark to know the main reason why the husband is not communicating with her. The husband has built for her 7 houses in her name and Nyota Ndogo reveals the kind of Love that she received from the husband. Nyota Ndogo hopes that one day things will be fine and she will find time to be reunited with her husband.

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