Sad News Hits Oti Region: Hunter Lost His Life In The Forest After Multiple Gun Shots by Unknown Persons


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This time around, we had our report from the Assembly man in the area. 

We were filed with tears since the issue really touched our heart. The whole issue explained by the Assembly man was that, a young man named Kwaku Atimba 36 years old, married to a young woman with three male children and as we speak to you now, the woman is pregnant at the same time. 

The Assembly man said that, this noble man is a well known hunter in the community and he mostly does his hunting in the night, or let me say at dawn. So he left his wife and children, at home one night and went for hunting.

But the woman claimed that, she mostly expect the man early in the morning to come home, but this time round it was not as it used to be. So as a pregnant wife, she was frightened and came to see me. Without hesitating, we went to see the Chief for libations to be make.

The Chief did his best by sending the brave men into the “Kplesu" Forest to go and look for this man, Per the report, they searched for him for good three days and when they found the man, he was dead and it's seems like he has some gun shots all over his body.

As I earlier said, the body was in the forest for good three days so it's takes extra courage to go closer to it, because

it has developed a bad scent. 

The Police in the Oti region, didn't sleep on the matter, but they also followed the guys in the search of the young man. 

So as I speak to you now, the police have sent the body to the “Wrawra" hospital Mortuary for investigations to be carried out and for doctors to also do their part.

Who is responsible for this man's death, or should we go and call the bees ritualist to identify the culprits for us?

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